Shipping Cosplay Props to Gen Con
Posted by grim66

My daughter has built a fairly large foam axe for Gen Con (~5' tall, blade is very roughly 2' x 2'). What's the best way to ship it? We're flying, so no packing it in the car (which would be my first choice). So take it as luggage on the plane or ship it via UPS or FedEx? Any other options I'm not aware of? 

Thanks in advance

Posted by kevinrg

I'd weigh check-in costs in flying with it vs calling the hotel and seeing if you can ship it there.

That or if anyone local is driving and could transport it for you (not sure where you live and how feasible that is for anyone).

Posted by komoridarkclaw

Possibility is to ship via ski-bag on the plane. If it'll fit in the bag, they should allow the oversized checked bag as they do lots of skis in winter. I looked into doing that for one of my cosplays one year (a spear) and worked fine.

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