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Posted by baytor

In light of recent events and the current behavior of Jeff Bergen and other employees of TGG-Games and The Gaming Goat, will that company still be allowed to participate in Gen Con? Their behavior (rape jokes, racist comments/memes, threats, advocating bullying) is well outside of the code of conduct for Gen Con and also the gaming industry in general.

Someone from Gen Con previously said that at least Jeff would not be attending but he'd bragging on social media about being there and showing photos of their corner booth (which now bears logos of companies who have cut ties with them). It's not just Jeff though - other owners and representatives of TGG have also engaged in hate speech and the other behaviors listed (for instance, VP Eddie Marmol knowingly exposed others to COVID-19 and then bragged about it). 

The recent poor behavior following the Kickstarter scandal isn't new. This company and its employees have a long history of belittling gamers as well as large groups of people in general. This kind of conduct doesn't belong at Gen Con. 

Detailed history of major incidents:

Posted by mikeboozer

Jeff Bergen will not be attending Gen Con. We appreciate those who have provided information regarding this situation.

The Company is.

If you would like to you can email [email protected] regarding any feedback you have.

However we will not be discussing this situation on the Forums.

We take our Anti-harassment policies seriously, but we do not discuss the results of our decision making with the public for the safety of all involved.

Locking this thread.


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