Best Costume?
Posted by vulcanspock

What was the best costume you saw?  

I really liked a Link and Zelda duo pair that I saw. 

Posted by kertdawg

I saw a man in the vendor hall who looked a lot like like George Lucas. He technically didn't have a costume, but he had a sign that said, "Discount George Lucas."  I laughed for a while about that one. 

Posted by forar

A woman in a striking cosplay of Loba from Apex Legends. Seeing as Loba is easily my most played Legend, I was glad to get a pic, and compliment her on the craftsmanship of the costume and props (pistol and staff).

Posted by jedijawa74

My favorite costume that I saw was a guy dressed as the creator of Babylon 5, as he appeared in a cameo at the end of the final episode, in a maintenance uniform where he turned the power off on the station just before leaving it.

Posted by aaronmlopez

I saw a couple of adults with young children dressed as Jawas who were really cute! Not even sure if the adults were dressed up at all because the Jawas looked so darned cute!

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