Will medical app suffice for vaccination proof?
Posted by tabedog


I apologize as I know versions of this question have been asked but I cannot find anyone with my exact scenario. I have a badge for this Saturday but lost my vaccination card a while ago. I’ve been getting by in other places by showing the proof of my two vaccines and one booster from the Northwestern app. Northwestern is the hospital in Chicago where I got my vaccines and they show the types and when I received them very clearly. 

I have also synced my Northwestern app with my Apple health app. I also tried to connect my proof of vaccine in the CLEAR app but it isn’t working properly. 

I am fully vaccinated and have proof but I’m worried my proof isn’t going to be acceptable. Can anyone help me? I’m so excited and don’t want to be turned away. 

Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 

Posted by mikeboozer

App will work if we can look at it and see your record of vaccination.


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