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Welcome to the Customer Support Forum!
Started by mikeboozer
Last post by mikeboozer 1
Missing Ticket for Paid Event
Started by dndoggos
Last post by sitenetworld 4
Returned ticket credit
Started by monbo
Last post by austicke 2
Badge Upgrades for Children
Started by redaeryn
Last post by redaeryn 1
Started by mom3cpb
Last post by mom3cpb 1
Please provide a download to spreadsheet option for event listing
Started by randomengine
Last post by narzat 2
Not seeing my Gen Con 2021 events, just last year's virtual events
Started by dragongears
Last post by austicke 9
Transferring a Badge
Started by njseahawksfan
Last post by roderick 12
Packets vs Transactions
Started by rcosborne11
Last post by rcosborne11 6
Open gaming games
Started by sick_wookie
Last post by papabees 8
New Attendee, not sure what to do
Started by frichi
Last post by papabees 12
Friend to Friend transfer
Started by kyhawkeye
Last post by kyhawkeye 5
Just curious: Profitability
Started by bcarter5876
Last post by forwardres 10
Question regarding Will Call vs. Mail
Started by iolaus13
Last post by kellishaver 7
Trying to buy a Trade Day Badge, constant crashing.
Started by [email protected]
Last post by mikeboozer 7
Badge Question
Started by agentchef
Last post by mikeboozer 4
If I have a ticket from 2020 in my list of packets, am I considered “rolled over” for 2021 automatically?
Started by wmarshal
Last post by mikeboozer 14
bring your own material question
Started by mrobitsc
Last post by garhkal 4
Effect (if any) of Postponement of Badge Registration on VIG Process
Started by manimal
Last post by xanathon 5
2021 VIG Lottery?
Started by mmacgregor
Last post by quarex 3
Zoom for First Exposure
Started by brewski
Last post by dukejohn 8
Any word on the 2021 show yet?
Started by joeyskywalker
Last post by elvinlord 2
How do i report a post?
Started by [email protected]
Last post by hnnanan 4
Discord Connection Issue at Event
Started by cosmicchaos
Last post by cosmicchaos 3
Started by kilowog27
Last post by williamj01 8
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