Math trade in the Lucas seats?
Posted by qwaserity

Is there a reason why the stadium seating in Lucas isn't used during GenCon? I ask because we could do the math trade (board game trade) in the seats instead of the common room we previously used.

If you haven't been to the math trade imagine 200 - 250 people all crammed together in vendor hall density. Plus they are all talking, yelling and handing board games to each other. It's pure beautiful maddening chaos for a period of 2 hours and people love it.

If we had a section of the stadium seating set aside, we could assign seats to the attendees. The seats would be labeled and throughout an entire day, people could come and drop off their games in the seats of the other attendees. A few people would have to have an area set aside for their games as some people walk/wheel out of the trade with hundreds of board games. At the end of the day, the traders could come by and pick up their games and leave, all without the normal madness of the math trade.

It would less awesome for the poor folks who'd have to stay there the entire day but I'd be willing to sacrifice a day to see this pulled off.

I've asked before why the seats aren't used for seminars and the like. Maybe there's a legal/insurance reason but I've felt like it's an unused space.


Posted by marimaccadmin

It would be great to figure out a way we could have a math trade in a socially distanced manner, it's just way too early to figure out whether we'd be able to use that particular space for that purpose, and even if we could, I'm rather skeptical we could set aside a whole day for it, to be honest.  However, if you want to send a proposal about how it would work to [email protected] at a later time, we'd be happy to consider it, when we turn to space allocations.  Do remember that we want to try and allow for social distancing as much as possible, when possible.  

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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