Nascrag at Gen Con 2021
Posted by nascragman

Hey guys!  Just wanted to keep you in the loop about our plans.

We are going to have a limited presence both in-person and on-line. 

And though the Paizo folks have been great to us over the years, the fact is that most of our judges (and most RPG players in general) are playing D&D 5.0 at home.  So we are switching back to D&D going forward.  If you've played with us over the years, you know that we have a loose relationship with any ruleset we use anyway.  For us it's about the role-playing - riddles, puzzles, jokes, character interaction.  Dice are way down the list.

Since we really don't have enough folks coming to In-Person to run our traditional tournament we're pulling my favorite event (of the ones I didn't write :-) off the shelf and updating it from AD&D to 5E - Northern L'Atittudes!  It was a three round tournament back in 1997 but now it will be three stand-alone events.

Northern L'Attitudes - Invasion
Northern L'Attitudes - Cryofax's Lair
Northern L'Attitudes - Bone Island

You can play them in order if you want, but it doesn't really matter.  And if you've ever played the tournament and not advanced to the finals, this will give you a chance to see it end-to-end.

We will also be running a one-round event written by Dana Devries - Desert of Destiny from the Rosenchild's School for Wayward Nobles series.

Dana passed away this summer and we wanted to run one of his in memorium.

Posted by helenbb

While I am disappointed that there will be no tournament, I understand why that decision had to be made. I look forward to participating in the tournament in 2022!

Posted by nascragman

The only thing we aren’t doing is the competition. We are running all three rounds of a tournament module. 

Getting prizes would be tough with so many companies skipping the con. And scoring, posting scores, etc is tougher when everyone will be running tables. And the hall will be closed before we could even have an award party.  We’re planning just to go out and have a few beers with any players who are interested. 

Posted by helenbb

Understood. There are a lot of issues with which to cope this year.

Posted by brpost

Got booked into Desert of Destiny for Friday afternoon with a couple of friends. I hadn't read this before now, but I'm looking forward to hearing a little bit about Dana.

Posted by aaronmlopez

I have seen NASCRAG event listings in the past, but never played any of them. This year, I decided to give them a go and got into two of the events! (Desert of Destiny and Cryofax's Lair). I take it I will not have to bring a character or anything. (Though, I intend to bring dice and pencils)

Posted by nascragman

Yes, we supply everything but dice and pencils, exactly

Posted by helenbb

And if you're using the dice too often, you're playing it wrong. ;)

Posted by aaronmlopez helenbb

helenbb wrote:
And if you're using the dice too often, you're playing it wrong. ;)

I have rubber ducky dice... I'm bringing them anyway! lol! 

Posted by bergec

You mentioned an online presence. Does that mean you are running something for Gen Con Online?

Posted by nascragman

Yep. We are running “Into the Wind”

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