Hello! Super excited about GenCon, and going back in person. I know I'll have a good time, no matter the scale or deviations from the norm which they need to take. 

I am curious though what you lot think things will look like so far as playtesting indie games. In the past, with event submissions broadly open, and the first exposure hall, it was pretty easy to host or get a demo of an indie game. Plenty of one ticket or free events that were just like "Hey, come try out my game XYZ, Hall B, Table 123, at 2pm on a Friday." 

Since there won't be that sign up structure, but there will be open gaming (as far as I can tell), do you suppose it'll be a bit more of an informal/wander situation? Hey look, she's posted up with her prototype game and seems to be demoing it for people on that table, let's go check it out, sort of thing?

Anyway, just excited, and wondering.