What are the dates for events?
Posted by xanathon

With the changes to the website I cannot find when events will go live.  Can someone post the date for me.


Posted by noone

No one knows and early event submission ended yesterday.  Those are the events submitted with enough time that they are certain to be listed when event registration goes live.  At the top of the page click host then event host policy.  That’s all the info they have released so far

Posted by mark_a

Badges (and presumably event tickets) are supposed to be mailed out starting August 1, so I would imagine they would need to open event registration at least by mid-July.

Posted by mikeboozer

Date has not been announced.

Posted by colbrook

Just got an email saying event catalogue open for browsing on the 2nd July and Registration on the 11th!

Posted by donaldbain

I thought the intent was to get the event catalog out before the last day to flip your badge.  Will the 'flip date' be extended?

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