Gen Con Rear Guard
Posted by aaronmlopez

Looks like a lot of us will be attending again this year, so we may as well meet up!

What is Gen Con Rear Guard?

It's a casual get-together with other attendees that takes place every year after the convention is over. We meet up to relax, share con stories, play some games, and otherwise just relax and wind down. We start at 5pm (This years meetup will be on Sep 19) and end whenever people stop coming. 

This year's meetup will be at The Westin, but I don't have the specific location yet (More than likely it will be in one of the public areas).

I look forward to seeing everyone again! 

Posted by komoridarkclaw

Commenting so I can find the thread later.

We're planning on leaving Monday, so might be up for a little more gaming Sunday ;)


Posted by brooks

I'm leaving on Monday morning as well and staying at the Westin. I'll definitely plan to attend and relax and share stories if nothing else!

Posted by divachelle

Hey, Aaron. It’s been a while! Darrin and  I will likely be in for this again.

If we’re able to join, we’ll bring snacks to share and some games.

This non-event event is one of our favorite things to do at/after the con. 

Posted by quarex

After complaining you did not have a Front Guard in years past, I am finally staying past late Sunday afternoon this year!  And I imagine this will be quite the convention to have stories about.

Posted by jasong

Me and a buddy are leaving out monday, so sounds fun!

Posted by soderbear

Man what a lovely idea, a cool down/debriefing. 

Posted by aaronmlopez

As we get closer to Gen Con 2021, just want to remind folks that we have this going on!

Not sure what games I will bring this year, but I'm sure I will find something I can pick up in the vendor hall! lol!

I am considering bringing a KS game that I haven't had the chance to play yet (Court of the Dead: Mourner's Call) but I always make my final decision at the last minute! lol!

Posted by komoridarkclaw

I am considering bringing a KS game that I haven't had the chance to play yet (Court of the Dead: Mourner's Call) but I always make my final decision at the last minute! lol!

I backed that one too, and also haven't had a chance to play yet XD
I will probably end up bringing Guillotine (for the quick between sessions/time filler), Secret Hitler (Big group fun), and Agricola or St Petersburg for a smaller game. If we make it to the hotel after the 4 days, I will bring what I've got.

Posted by aaronmlopez

Anybody else have any KS they received and want to share at Gen Con? 

Posted by hahnarama

I have Ares Expedition, VERY GOOD, but I'm not sure I want to carry it around with me all day on Sunday. I will probably change my mind and have it with me.


Posted by aaronmlopez

10 days (or less) until Gen Con!!! I am excited to see all of my gamer friends again!

Posted by dbrubeck

Thanks for posting.  I'll drop by Sunday after dinner.

Posted by quarex

First time in my entire life I have been in total control of my own schedule and can actually stay until Monday like I always wanted!  I will definitely be there unless of course I end up cursing myself by bragging in this fashion ;)

Posted by rich

This sounds awesome!

Posted by aaronmlopez

We will be meeting in The Westin near the lobby this year! If there are enough, we may move up to a larger room on the second floor!

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