Why not allow individuals to run events?
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Derek Gudar can you explain how open gaming is being expanded. I'm pretty meh with events right now but I want to make sure I can take advantage of any Open Gaming options to their fullest.

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So, here's my understanding of why this was done.  I'm going off of limited knowledge here, as I don't work for/speak for GenCon.  So take it with a grain of salt if you need to.  :)
A few definitions first:  
  Event Organizer (EO):  This person is the one that enters the event data into the GenCon system, but is also responsible for making sure that formatting matches GenCon standards, creates a master schedule, determines the number of tables needed, and is essentially a single point of contact between GenCon and the GM's.  
  Game Master (GM):  This is the person that is actually sitting down at the table, running the event.  They would be the one to setup/take down, enforce game rules, etc.  
When an individual runs an event (outside of an organized group), they are acting as both EO and GM.  It's not normally a problem, except in this year where there was limited time between event submission, catalog going live, and tickets being purchased.  GenCon still reviews all of the events before they go Active in the system.  By moving individual GM's into groups with a formal EO, they (hopefully) reduce the number of people that they have to work with to get events set up.
Myself, I formed a group of independent GM's so that we could run events this year.  We have 24 GM's running nearly 100 events.  As the EO, I made sure that events weren't scheduled on top of each other, determined the number of tables needed, worked up the list for GM badges, etc.  In our specific case, GenCon only has to deal with one EO, and not 24 EO/GM individuals.  BTW, our group is Conspiracy of Gamers...check us out on the catalog, we have quite a variety of events happening. :)
 At least, that's how I understand it.
Good info here. A little explanation goes a long way. On a side note, though this may have been mentioned elsewhere, Gen Con's website HAS to get the Forum link back to the top of the web page. For a long time I thought the forums were eliminated, and I don't think I'm alone in this.

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lol yes agreed on the forum link.

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Pretty sure the Forum link hiding is a feature, not a bug.

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