AD&D 2nd ed games at Gen Con
Posted by sick_wookie

I am running two AD&D 2nd ed games in the open gaming area at Gen Con 2021. There are no 2nd ed offerings in the event book so 2nd ed fans come and get it!

I will run a game on Friday and Saturday during the day looking 10am-4pm with some flexability as needed.
Each game will have up to 7 players but need a minimum of 4 players to run.
These games are Free of charge, just come and have fun!
Characters are provided all you need is dice and a pencil and i will even have extras of those.
I will post details about each game in post below this one.
I can be contacted at [email protected]

Posted by sick_wookie

Friday 10am-4pm The taking of Tournament Town

Tournament Town has been invaded! But no one knows by whom! Building have appeared replacing existig buildings. The powerful City Council has disappeared. Can the "heroes" of Tournament town put aside their differences to save their home!
Characters provied 10th level, min players 4 max players 6
This game has 2 DMs who will be tagging in and out and answering questions.
send inquiries, resevation for slots and questions to [email protected]

1 seat filled

Posted by sick_wookie

Saturday 10am-4pm Danger in the Desert

A group has been gathered to reteieve the mysterious Crown of Eyes. The party must travel deep into the desert seeking the lost temple of the Dragon Queen. A mysterious benefactor has provided locations and wealth above and beyond the parties' expectations. 

Characters provided 8th level 
min players 4 max players 7

2 seats already filled

send inquiries, resevation for slots and questions to [email protected]

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