Is there supposed to be duplicate event times for the Warlocked2 escape room?
Posted by zaphod

It looks like there are duplicate event listings for each time slot on this escape room. Is that supposed to be the case? I'm coordinating with friends to get the same escape room time/slot, but we both have Friday at 3pm, but with two different event ID's. Not sure if that means we can do the escape room together.

Posted by grognard262

I noticed that too.  I assumed they have two identical escape rooms set up that they run in parallel.

Posted by notavailableeither

I put tickets for myself and all my friends in my wish list and made it #1.  That ensured we're all in the same session.

You just need to make sure the others are on your My Friends & Family list and then one person buys the tickets for the  entire group.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Nope, there should NOT be, please email [email protected] with the Event IDs and we'll look into that, thanks.

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by zaphod

Hi Marian,

I will send an e-mail, but its just about all time slots for that escape room that have duplicates with different ID's:

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