Badgeless Kids Questions
Posted by happyjosiah

This will be my first time bringing kids along. As they are 10 and under, they don't require paid badges. Any recommendations for ticketless fun, for those of you who have brought kids before?

-Will the family area be open? I recall in previous years there were crafts and activities specifically for these younger folks.

-I assume they can't enter the gaming library with me unless I purchase badges for them?

-Any other advice or recommendations?

Posted by roanders

Follow-on to your second question...

Can a kid with only a wristband still use a ticket (for a non KID event) that an adult with a badge purchases as "another ticket for me"?

From this very old post, "tickets can be used by anyone", and people have had success with their wristband-only kids using generics, but the official policy seems to indicate that they wouldn't be let into a non-kid ticketed event if they don't have a badge.

There's an ENT event I'd like to take my son to on Thursday evening, but otherwise he's too young to game and buy a full badge for him.

Posted by happyjosiah


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