Returning Paper Tickets
Posted by bwd72

Is there any way to "return" a paper ticket before the con starts?  I looked at the return options (on schedule page, for example) and it says only electronic tickets, which unfortunately the one in question is not.  It's $8.00, so the money isn't the issue.  I just don't want to take a spot on a game that someone else might want instead.  I'm looking at all the sold out events I want to do with wee little tears in my eyes, so I am very keen to get this ticket back in the pool for someone else to enjoy.


Posted by audioslave

There is not, you're now at the mercy of the ticket being printed and that spot not opening back up on your schedule until you return that ticket. Until everything someday goes fully electronic, this is always going to be the case.

Posted by komoridarkclaw

Previously you could return paper tickets at any time the front check in desks were open, so Wednesday on basically. There was a little booth off the side of the check in desks. However, that was before covid and before majority of the tickets went electronic so I don't know if they changed it for paper.

Posted by david campbell

I’m in the same boat; but a little deeper - my group has decided not to go this year. I’ve returned the tickets I could, but there are a few sessions I can’t cancel where we are 4 of the six seats… including a Cthulhu Masters table. I’m sure that will run on generics, but I don’t want to cause anything to get cancelled.

I was just going to shoot an email to the organizers, but saw this thread and thought I’d see if there were any smart folks here….:)


Posted by buffythecatslayer

One thing you can do is if you know someone that is going, is to have them return the paper tickets for you.  They will automatically credit to your account.

Still, that happens at the Con, so not a lot of lead time for the event.

Unfortunately, this problem with paper tickets has existed all along.  I really hope that when (if?)  things get back to normal next year, they start moving to all electronic tickets, then this will no longer be an issue.

Posted by matthewz

Ah, good to know. I've been keeping an eye on the catalogue, specifically three sold-out games in particular that all operate on paper tickets, hoping a spot would open up. If paper tickets can't be refunded until the actual con, then no more need to keep refreshing the list!

Posted by weidster

Spots open up in paper ticket events from time to time. Not everybody ships their tickets and quite a few still do the Will Call ticket line on Wednesday.  They just drop the tickets before ever picking them up and they are put back into the system.

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