Gen Con Math Trade
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The Gen Con Math Trade is now populating at the above webpage.

If you've never done a Math Trade it's an item swap where a program called Abecorn figures out the way to have the most trades possible. You will probably not trade your item directly for what you want but when you figure in dozens of other traders, you can get what you want for what you have (within reason). I type "item swap" because some of us renaissance gamers will trade nearly anything geek for nearly anything else geek. The majority of the trades will be board games for board games.

You don't NEED a ticket to participate but it's encouraged (Gen Con's bean counters give us space depending on the number of people in the event). If you can't make Sunday morning, you will have to directly contact the other traders.

There is a tutorial on the website but we'll gladly answer any question you may have.

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And all this time I thought this was for swapping algebraic and calculus formulas. 

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aaronmlopez wrote:
And all this time I thought this was for swapping algebraic and calculus formulas. 

Yeah, somehow I had visions of guys swapping textbooks for blackboards full of equations.

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Many games of Ergo (Catalyst Games) are likely, you know how those geeks are on logic symbology games...

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Just to let everyone know, we have 104 traders now which is about half of a regular year.

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Help me out.  I see on the trade that it has "(106) Participants  (25) Approved".

So it picked up two more people since yesterday.  Good.  But what is 'Approved'?  Am I and others missing a step?  Don't want to be left out!

Anyone can educate on this that is more familiar with the abecorn system?

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I was wondering about the Approved number, too (I think I saw 26 a minute ago). I guess it's the number of people who have clicked the completed button on the matrix tab.

I have a total of 7 offers on my list of games. I can't find anywhere that explains what that means, but I'm assuming it's the number of times the games appear in someone's trade matrix?

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cinnibar wrote:
Help me out.  I see on the trade that it has "(106) Participants  (25) Approved".
I checked. We have 106 with possible traders but only 25 who have approved of their trade matrixs. The basic steps are:
1. Add your stuff. [Add Items] and [Edit My Items] buttons.
2. Go through the list of other's stuff and add to wishlist. [Browse All] button.
3. Go to your wishlist and click the green plus for items you want from this trade. [Confirm Wishlist] button.
4. Fill in the intersects of Items Wanted and Items you have AND click the green confirm button at the top of the matrix. [Trade Matrix] button. Also, click the grey shield button for Duplicate Protect if you don't want multiple copies of the same game.

You can always go back and add more items or swap out you matrix. Just make sure to click the confirmation button. I failed to do this my first year.

There is more to this but you can go through the tutorial for more information.

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10 minutes to go for the math trade, hope you all clicked that big red box under 'Trade Matrix' to get the green Confirmed!

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