Are there any outdoor events -not counting tours that take you offsite from the main convention- and if so, is there a way to filter the events catalog to see them?

Initially, there were noises that there were plans to actually try and have some outdoor events, but from what I have browsed, I don't see any or I don't know what they are calling the location. I understand most of the events at Gencon pretty much have to be done indoors, but even browsing activities that would be OK outside weather permitting (live entertainment, workshops that involve moving around, etc.), the ones I have seen appear to be inside. 

Couldn't ever wake up early enough to participate myself, but I see the Orc Stomp does not appear to be an event this year. Looks like the beer garden may be my primary outdoor Gencon event at this rate. :)

Also still curious what their definition of "crowded outside" is.