Monday Night Slayers Presents Chronicles of the Short 9
Posted by ajaxthedm

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights around 7:00 PM DM Ajax will run another session of Chronicles of the Short Nine, an ongoing GenCon only campaign that has lasted since 2006. The system each year changes and this year we will be using the Dungeon World system. Open to all and Free. In the past this was always run in the Hyatt in the Open Gaming area there, if that is not the case this year we will try for the Marriott.

Posted by jpederso

Very cool.  Would this event be for someone with no experience with Dungeon World?  How many people would you accommodate?   And when will you know the location?  Sorry for all the questions but I would love to give it a try and will want to be in the right place.  Thanks for offering this.

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