Hey everyone! We are a game designer publishing our first game, Davy Jones' Locker, and are looking for people to play test and check it out! Here is a short intro to the game:

Something is lurking in the depths. Everyone has heard the tales. The Brethren of the Coast have held a meeting & decided to band together to defend against the evil that is coming. Choose your ship,  make sail to the ports, & equip your ship with anything you can...before it's too late!

Welcome to Davy Jones' Locker, is a cooperative, pirate-themed board game for 1-4 players! The game is split into 2 Acts. In Act 1, players will be Exploring the 4 ports to complete scenarios, gaining them gold. With this gold, players will be able to visit the markets of each port to purchase equipment! Players will also work together to defeat Raiding Ships, Explore Shipwrecks for Treasure, & (hopefully) avoid the Naval fleets that patrol the seas. Throughout Act 1, players will also encounter eerie tales - Ghost ships, whole pods of whales with strange markings, pools of blood in the middle of the sea! Eventually, one of these stories will be the last, before the reason behind them shows itself: The Kraken!

Once the Kraken arrives, Act 2 begins! Players will be sucked into a huge whirlpool & have to fight through the Kraken, it's 8 Tentacles, and ever-changing whirlpool currents. Ships will sink, but that doesn't mean they are out of the fight! When a ship sinks, other players can rescue their Deckhands, allowing them to man parts of their ship and keep pushing through to send the Kraken down to Davy Jones' Locker! 

We will be set up in the Open Play area for anyone interested in coming by and checking it out! The game will be going on Kickstarter early 2022, but is in its final stages of play tests and tweaks!

We also play test 1-3 times every week using Tabletop Simulator, on Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays. If you're interested, please join the discord at the link below!