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Posted by werebat

The (public) school I work at is dropping its mask requirement next month.  This is happening across my state, and I believe in other states too.
Any word on Gen Con 2022 doing the same?  Not trying to start a flame war here, and I'm willing to comply with a mask requirement if there is one (just like I do at work), just wondering if Gen Con 2022 is likely to be nimble enough to adjust to the times on this one.

Posted by ambrosebalin

Meh, for me it's not worth the mental energy to keep tabs on it. It's easy to wear a mask and didn't ruin anything last time. I'll just assume they are required until they post otherwise, which they haven't done. 

Posted by quarex

Yeah and they are now locking threads until the situation changes, sooooo we will see if this thread survives!

Posted by mikeboozer

For now we are requiring masks. Will update if/when our policies change.


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