sad to see the out right deletion of topics on the forum
Posted by insane

Sad to see gencon disappearing threads.  I can understand locking threads or even shutting down a post and deleting it at the time of posting but to go back a month or so and make a locked thread that had hundreds of post simple disappear like it never happened is shameful.  

Posted by mikeboozer

Topics are sometimes deleted after being locked. Especially ones that are repeating the same basic posts and information, or include disrespectful posts.

There are plenty of locked topics now that will remain here. Actually too many to be honest.

Deleting topics is just part of what happens on forums. We do our best to make sure voices are heard.


Posted by traveller

It's not shame on Gencon for removing the threads, it's shameful on those who choose to comment in ways that force the removal.

Posted by basiago123

[This post has been removed]

Posted by adcjones


Posted by mikeboozer adcjones

Oh the irony! 

It was spam by the way.


Posted by papabees mikeboozer

mikeboozer wrote:
Oh the irony! It was spam by the way.
Hahaha, The timing of that could not have been better. lol

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