Really bummed by the Vaxx policy for kids
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Posted by papabees

So before any one thinks I antivaxx, my wife and I are fully vaxxed. Have been since the numbers made sense. We have chosen not to have our kids vaxxed because mathematically it seems pretty pointless when we don't have definitive evidence of any long term impact. She has had Covid so her natural immunity is sufficient for us and she has no comorbidity factors. If you made a different choice for your kids that's fine, truly. I'm a big advocate for freedom of choice.

I have brought her with me to Gencon since she was 6 and she is now 16. We both attended last year. It has been a really fun time for a father and daughter to bond and now because of this policy she likely cannot attend this year unless we make a medical choice for her that we feel is not in her best interest at this time.

I know this probably amounts to spitting in the wind and it's "just a gaming convention" but I suppose I just wanted to let Gencon know that their policy choices have real impact. It's frustrating, especially in light of their success last year with less conservative policies.   

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You're not being affected by Gen Con's decision to keep its guests safe; you're being affected by your decision to keep your kids unsafe.

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You're trying to do your own science -- both at home and here in the Gen Con forums.  The latter of which you have been repeatedly told not to do - and pretty much guarantees the thread will get locked.  Recently, they've even said people could get banned.  Frankly, at this point, I'm fine with that because these kinds of scientific claims put the rest of us in a spot where we either have to let misrepresentations stand or engage in our own scientific debate which, again, we've been repeatedly told not to do.

The bottom line is -- the public health recommendations are what they are (to get vaccinated).  You don't like them.  You're opposed to vaccinations.  You've made that clear.

You're suggesting some people may not attend because of that. Gen Con staff know this.  They've surveyed on it.  It is what it is.  There's just nothing new here.

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This is going to be locked and people banned if you keep it up. They have said no more debating the science on this. 

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Please read the post at the head of this forum. Not debating the science.

This subject has already been addressed elsewhere, so it's just double posting now.


 papabees It is too far out from the convention to determine what the policies will be.

We are well aware that all decisions have an impact on everyone one way or another there is no need to remind us.


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