Why am I in a queue again after my wishlist finished?
Posted by owlnuttree

I am in a second queue, with a way higher number than before, even though my wishlist finished processing and I now have a cart. Have I been kicked to the back of the wishlist line again, or is this a second queue for checking out and my tickets are still reserved?

Posted by austicke

Because you resubmitted it. But your choices will be in your cart for two hours, so you'll be fine.

Posted by owlnuttree

Can I be kicked out of them if my queue doesn't resolve in time? Why would that even be a button?

Posted by austicke

Yes, but it won't take two hours to reprocess.

There is a button to submit your wish list so you can add more options and submit again.

Posted by calli thaala

Everyone I know is having the same issue (no one resubmitted so we’re just waiting it out.)

Posted by owlnuttree

There should be a warning next to that option. It's not obvious that it will prevent you from checking out items currently in your cart, and the resubmit button reads like it could be just checking on what you got before you buy.

Posted by austicke


Posted by owlnuttree

Yeah here it is:

Your Wish List contains events that you would like to get tickets for. Your Wish List is different from your cart because tickets selected in your Wish List are only requests, you are not guaranteed to get them until they are added to your cart. Once your Wish List has been processed, the tickets will be placed in your cart and will need to be purchased within two hours. Items in your cart will expire after two hours of inactivity.All of the requested tickets in your Wish List can be processed and added to your cart, if available, in one operation.Your Wish List has been processed! Click here to view the results
When you're ready to purchase your tickets, Click here to go to your cart. Tickets for events in your Wish List will be processed in order of priority starting with 1, and then 2, and so on. Assign smaller priority numbers to the events that are most important to you.You can request tickets for a maximum of 50 events in your Wish List.

Click on the event's title to see who you're requesting to get a ticket for.

This is messed up! "Click here to view the results" is not "resubmit your wishlist". Why does merely viewing the results come with a big penalty that knocks you out of line?

Seriously, if anyone from GenCon reads this, please please change this. At least give an accurate description of what will happen when you click the button, like warning that viewing your wishlist is synonymous with resubmitting it.

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