WizKids new D&D minis game Onslaught
Posted by xanathon

Does anyone know if WizKids will have Onslaught for sale at Gen Con?

Posted by donaldbain

What did Wizkids say when you asked them?

Posted by xanathon donaldbain

donaldbain wrote:
What did Wizkids say when you asked them?

They haven’t responded. 

Posted by jhs

I don’t have the answer to your question, but thanks for asking.  I hadn’t heard of this but now signed up for an intro game.  

Posted by qwaserity

Very much looking forward to this game and signed up for a session. ANY game that puts more usable minis on my D&D table is always welcome.

Posted by jerrytel


Small map/table skirmish looks like :)

Posted by random_axcess

This seems to be a rebranding of the D&D Miniatures Game that launched with Harbinger (maybe attack wing too), was hoping for more of a Shadowrun Duels. If the miniatures are cheap though with good reprints I guess it is still a win.

Posted by hahnarama

is it just me or is this just a new and improved and much more expensive version of Dungeon Command? 

Posted by helenbb

WizKids will definitely be there in some form. They are giving a presentation at Trade Day.

Posted by donaldbain

From Facebook messaging:

Hello, thank you for reaching out. Onslaught won't be available for sale but we will be running demos of it.


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