How do the scooters work?
Posted by mikepmarkey

I've seen electric scooters all over downtown during Gen Con, but never had an interest in trying one.  One of my group has trouble walking far, which got me wondering-- how do these things work?  Do you just pick up one where you find it, swipe a credit card, and leave it lying wherever you finish?

Posted by kertdawg

There's an app. You pay on the app. You scan a code on the scooter​ ​,and it unlocks it. MAKE SURE you scan the scooter when you lay it down, or they will keep charging you! 

Posted by mikepmarkey

Thanks a bunch! 

Posted by piggystarfish

Specifically, there's at least two apps, Lime and Bird. I believe last year, Lime had an offer where you could join their premium service for free for 30 days (just remember to cancel) that waived some of the fees. Our group has used them every year and they are great! Especially if you have an event at say Crown Plaza, and then one immedicably following at the JW.  We've taken them from the ICC to an arcade bar about 1 mile down Virginia Ave. We've also done from our hotel which is about 2.5 miles from the ICC so they have some decent range. The cost from 2019 was $0.27/min and like a $1 to unlock, so must quick trips were only like $2-$3

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Electric scooters are excellent to use. You can buy them using the app.

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We all know how much scooters are necessary for seniors. You can get more information about scooters from seniorfitness.

Posted by alans

If using the portable death machines, follow Indy's rules:
Indianapolis’ E-Scooter Laws
E-Scooter Rules for RidersThe popularity of e-scooters has skyrocketed in recent years. This is largely due to companies like Lime and Bird, who provide dockless rental scooters in major cities across the country, including Indianapolis. Like many cities, Indianapolis has laws regulating the usage of e-scooters. Though it may be surprising, e-scooters are legally treated more like bicycles than motorcycles or motor vehicles. They are also treated differently than other personal mobility vehicles, like mopeds.Riders must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to rent an e-scooter. Additionally, riders are encouraged to wear helmets, though helmets are not currently required. Finally, riders must obey all traffic laws.E-scooter riding rules as outlined by the IMPD include:

  • When parking e-scooters on sidewalks, they need to leave four feet clear for pedestrian traffic
  • When riding, you cannot ride on the sidewalks, cultural trails, or greenways
  • You must ride the e-scooter out on the street and in bike lanes
  • You must go with the flow of traffic
  • You are not allowed to go the wrong way down a one-way street


Posted by hahnarama

Just an FYI... if you are riding the scooters on the street and using the bake lane... when the bike lane traffic light is RED you have to stop.  Yesterday I saw a kid hauling ass on a scooter and he blew through the red light and t boned a car that had the green light. Car was fine but the kid flew over the hood and landed about 12 ft away. It wasn't pretty 


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