What's in you bag? 2022 Edition
Posted by thag13

I seem to carry pretty much wwhat every one else carries with these added items

Lens Cleaners for my glasses.  I seem to get my glasses filthy every year so I keep several packets in my bag

Wet wipes for bathroom useage.  The mens toilet see4ms to runout of tp when I go to use the bathroom so having a travel pack of those keeps me nice and clean

Extra padding for my socket for my  BTK prosthetic I also keep lotion so I dont get chaffing

Foldable had to keep the sun off my fac when out side at the food trucks and to walk back to the hotel

Sunglasses for same

Posted by urielblue

I’m bringing 2 Chrome bags, one is a BIG backpack, the other more modest in size; On Thursday, or any day that I plan on buying more stuff the larger one, more casual visits, the smaller one.

Regardless, either way; Nalgene bottle filled with ice, a cold-brew tea bag & half a lemon, so that it’s delicious iced tea an hour or so in.
2 bottles of water, or 1 larger one.

Some sugar-free Candy, Turkey jerkey, and other diabetes-friendly treats.

Small notepad & pen. Small set of dice.
A folder with the stripped-down rules for Ruin Masters, including the GM screen, which also has the Char-Gen rules, in case I want to run a quick pick-up game.
Folder also contains a few D&D5E, and other characters, in case there’s. Pick-up game, though I’m fine with Pre-Gens.

Battery Pack & several extra charging cords. I have 2 packs, and I’ve found in years past that I frequently encounter panicky fellow-nerds who’s phone is about to die at some point. I like being neighborly.

Spare cloth mask, several spare N95s, hand sanitizer, socks (Lots of walking…), disposable gloves.
Pepto Bismol tabs, a few ibuprofen, a set of my am & pm meds, asthma inhaler.
Glasses-cleaning spray & cloth.
Travel Pack of tissues; As someone mentioned above, those bathrooms run out of TP at the most inopportune times…


Posted by whisper721

My Wild Bill cup
battery pack
charger cable
eyeglass case
miniature case
standard issue supply of meds (Ibuprofen, allergy, Pepto (oh god ohh god were all gonna die), peppermints, etc)

I use and Oakley Kitchen Sink bag.. this will fill maybe 1/8 of it... The rest is for my Con Haul lol lololololol.


Posted by joho

Prob the following:
water bottle
hand sanitizer
snack baggy of nuts/raisins
business cards
pencil case
tote bag(s)
backup masks

and conditionally:
sleeves and tokens (for one event)
Travel straw
travel cutlery

Posted by kevinrg

The usuals

Energy Drink
Bottle Water
Assorted snacks (usually granola bars, tuna pack, fruit)
Box Tape/Address Labels (In case I ship something)
card top loaders with penny sleeves for any promo card pickups.

Other than that, I try to go rather light.

Posted by jcirillo1971

Typically bring the following:

Portable Charger
a small pack of wet wipes (comes in surprisngly handy)
a couples pens, sharpie, and a small notebook
a MTG commander deck or two in case if any pick up games arise
a dice bag
eyeglass cleaner
microfiber cloth
a lightweight hoodie in case if any of the gaming rooms get chilly
tote bag for shopping
A folder containing any character sheets I might need that day for any organized campaign events I am playing


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