Author Signing Schedules
Posted by christopherstark

Is there a resource yet for when and where the different authors will be having book signings?

Posted by austicke

Yes, the event catalog.

Posted by aileron

I only found Salvatore and Hickman in the catalog. I've never been to GenCon before. Is it possible that an author or artist might be just sitting in a booth somewhere and might sign their work? e.g., Elmore, Easley, Caldwell, etc. Also, if this is a thing at GenCon, do they typically ask for a fee to sign, like celebrities at other conventions sometimes do?

Posted by geezer

Chris Jackson offered to sign two of his books for me.  He was just sitting in a booth.

Posted by brooks

Margaret Weis, Larry Elmore, and Wayne Allen Reynolds have been more than happy to sign books for me at their booths. None of them even remotely asked for a fee. 

Posted by ceadda

I bought the Eye of the Beholder film at Larry Elmore's booth one year and he was willing to sign it, over a piece of his art on the cover of course.

Posted by eugenejudge

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