Dream hotel/room combo go!
Posted by mermaid_princess

What hotel/room combo would you book, in block, if you had dealers choice?

Pandemic times seem to be allowing some of us options of hotels, in block, that we would normally never even see. So help us out, what’s your preference?

Posted by helenbb

For me, it's always location. So if I'm spending my days in Lucas Oil, it would be Crowne Plaza. if I'm spending my days in Hall A, it's the JW Marriott. Etc. etc.

Of course, hotel loyalty programs factor into it as well. It's always nice to earn points and nights on a con stay.

Posted by mbeauparland

The JW has nice rooms, but are a bit overpriced and depending on your con activities, not the closest. The Westin had the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in, but the room was a bit shabby and very bad billing error made me swear off of them.  Last year I really liked my stay at the Hyatt Regency as a good compromise b of cost,  room, and convenience.

Posted by brooks

I can't speak to the billing error, but the Westin did undergo a massive renovation last year. In fact, during the (delayed) convention in 2021 they were in the middle of construction and it was supposed to have been completed late last year. 

Posted by mattaui

Stayed at the Westin in 2016, my last trip through the Con, and I was finally able to snag it again this year, so that's probably been my best experience so far. I don't mind the walk at all (I do a lot of walking every day) but having a room close by makes it so much easier to swing by the room to drop stuff off and freshen up.

Posted by kertdawg

For me, it's location relative to the ICC. My best was the Marriott. My second best was the JW, as there are also lots of open gaming activities there. The second tier consists of the other downtown hotels like Embassy etc. Aside from that, if I have to drive or Uber in, it's not good. 

Posted by quarex

The Embassy Suites' penthouse level has some dream rooms definitely worth angling for, which I only know about because in 2004 they messed up and double-booked our room the first night and put us in the Edward Claypool Suite, the nicest room I have been in up until this point in my life (I think anyway), absolutely huge and beautiful with two or three bathrooms and bedrooms.  The other rooms on that floor are not quite as ridiculously well appointed, as they say in the biz, but definitely aspirational from their immense size and double-bathrooms alone.

Posted by tinabear81

Depends if I’m dreaming practically or with someone else’s cash. 

Practically, if it’s just me and my partner, a nice room at the embassy. I actually enjoy the walk in the morning and at night. It settles my brain.

With someone else’s money. One of the fancy out of block suites at the embassy or a closer hotel like the westin or the marriott.

Posted by patricialujan

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