Locals, are the banners up yet? Any pics?
Posted by mvotruba

Hello locals,

Due to my work schedule this summer, I am unable to attend. Bummer.

That said, I really do enjoy seeing the banners when I'm able to attend in person.  Since I can't, would one of you be willing to post a pic?  I'd appreciate it.

My gaming group are going to do our own Gen Can't thing since there's no Pop Up Gen Con this year in an effort to make up for not being able to attend.  A picture of the banners would help put me in the mood.

Thanks in advance for any/all efforts.


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Posted by mvotruba

Thanks hahnarama, I didn't see that thread.

Posted by mvotruba

So, I guess it's too late to again ask for a pic of the banners.  :-(  Bummer.  I do like how the city of Indy makes us gamers feel welcome.

No worries, the plan is to attend next year.

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