Is Asmodee not selling anything?
Posted by swearbear

It looks like the whole asmodee section in thr dealer hall is for demos.  Are they not selling anything from fantasy flight or edge studios at all during the con?

Posted by colbrook

There's limited stock at the Miniature Market booth, but not a great deal. 

Posted by calli thaala

We found other Asmodee products at random small booths (example: a friend found one with 20 copies of Twilight Inscription for sale…)

Posted by kertdawg

The prices quoted at the Asmodee demo area for 2 games were $4 and $5 more than what was charged at the MM booth. They also threw in extra gifts (dice, dice bags, or dice mats) with each purchase. I'm OK with gifts and saving money.

Posted by ryric

Lower prices and freebies are nice, but what I really want at Gen con are early releases and it’s disappointing that there are none in this case. In past years I’ve gotten November ffg releases at the con. If it was out two weeks ago I probably already have it.

Posted by krayzie

I miss the days of being able to pick up missed ks exclusives from cmon

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