Thought for next year.
Posted by qwaserity

This stroke of genius hit me over dinner so I had to quickly share it here lest I forget:

You know WHO should have a room/booth next year?


A kickstarter room would take so much of my money...

Posted by donaldbain

That's a great idea!  Everybody start sending me money and I'll get them a room and a badge.  Stretch goals include a bottle of water and a pack of NAME BRAND crackers for them to enjoy at the con or in their room.  Not both.

Posted by nesbit37

Kickstarter was there, just not in the exhibit hall, and they've had a booth in the past.  At least I am pretty sure they have, I know I've seen them with booths at PAX Unplugged before.

Posted by helenbb

If we're talking thoughts for next year, I'll add in my earlier suggestion that Escape Rooms have their own category, since it feels like they are more than half of the ZED category right now, and make it difficult to find anything else.

Posted by pshep999

Next year? Troll Lord Games and Onyx Path please!!!!

Posted by quarex

The category system is in profound need of an overhaul, yes.  My personal annoyance is that I had attended for 15 years before I figured out "Isle of Misfits Events" was a reference to some Christmas show, and meant as a catch-all for events, and not events run by some group I had never heard of.  I can only imagine how confusing that event name is for non-Americans who have no chance of having had that experience.

And yes, lots of events in that category need their own place at this point too.  Escape Rooms and Star Trek Simulators for two. 

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