Alexandria RPG Library seeking GMs and Librarians
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Are you a solo GM planning to run (non-D&D 5E, non-Pathfinder) events at this year's show?  Have a session of FASERIP Marvel Super Heroes adventure you're DYING to get in front of folks? Palladium Rifts? Rolemaster? That super-crunchy, super-broken version of Shadowrun 2E? Do you have a favorite pet system from yesteryear that needs to live again?

Don't run your game solo -- Consider running games with us! 

We are the Alexandria RPG Library ( - and we will be bringing a selection of hundreds of RPG source books, modules, game aids, splatbooks, supplements, representing the breadth and depth of 40+ years of roleplaying game history, and making them available to the Gen Con audience.

We are seeking GMs like you to run your wacky, oddball, dead game, obscure indie. Your custom hack of Dread, your WEG Star Wars D6 smugglers one-shot, your homebrew one-page system you scrawled onto the back of a napkin at the Steak 'n Shake and are SUPER EXCITED to share with fellow RPG enthusiasts.

We. Want. You.

We are actively seeking volunteers to run games under our banner, or to be Librarians and Game Sommeliers to help answer questions and share stories with Gen Con attendees at our Library display. 

If this sounds like you, please fill out our Call for GMs and Librarians form, to help us gauge interest, and help us bring an amazing presence to Gen Con (and our other shows) this year.

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I don't think they are talking about gambling games.  Hope your post doesn't get removed.

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bushmaster wrote:
I don't think they are talking about gambling games.  Hope your post doesn't get removed.

Now that you brought it to my attention....  Not sure how I missed it. 

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