What are you looking forward to trying?
Posted by jhs

Hi Folks,

As we are a month or so out from the events being released I am starting to think about what I hope to play.  If I had to pick one at the top of the list, I think it would be the Alien rpg.  I got the rules during pandemic, it looks like a great con game.  If the Blade Runner rpg (by the same company, Free League, going on Kickstarter soon) is being played that would be up there too.  What are you looking forward to?

Posted by brumcg

You have great taste!  I don't do many events, but I would consider any Free League offering.

I'd like to try Return to Dark Tower.  I wanted to back it, but it looked too complex for my family and too expensive for my play-once-and-done group.

Other than that, I'm content to go through the exhibit hall over and over.  Hopefully I'll find some demo opportunities.

Posted by notavailableeither

I'm looking forward to doing True Dungeon again.

I also enjoy playtest hall - helping games in development.

Other than that, I just go through the catalog and see what looks interesting.  I try to do stuff I haven't played before.  Often I play games I followed on Kickstarter but didn't back.  One year I played one such game, liked it enough to go directly to the vendor hall to buy it and that afternoon in playtest hall I tested the expansion they had in development - the trifecta.

Posted by donaldbain

I'm waiting for BGG preview to see what's new and what looks interesting. 

Posted by lore seeker

Jumping on the Free League train, I really want to try out Vaesen if a game is running this year. Also going to keep an eye out for Deadlands (sounds like a cool setting).

Posted by picosaurus

I have a list of "classic" boardgames I've never played and I try to knock off one or two when at GenCon. Last year I finally tried Lords of Waterdeep for the first time (had a blast) and this coming year maybe War of the Ring if it's in one of the libraries? Or finally try this "Catan" game people keep talking about.

Posted by hannman

I'm hoping to get some learn to plays or hands on demos for Return to Dark Tower, Bloodborne the Board Game, Masters of the Universe the Board Game, Dune Imperium, and Dwellings of Eldervale.  I'm sure my list will continue to grow.  

Posted by eldrad12000

I am just happy to play anything. Glad to go again.

Posted by grognard262

I was thinking of giving Shadowrun a try, and maybe Starfinder.  Does anyone run 1e AD&D at Gen Con any more?  I'm feeling nostalgic.

Posted by tdb

Tower of <definitely not Gygax> runs 1st.  There's usually a few other people running sessions too.

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