Suggestion for next year
Posted by helenbb

I think that escape rooms now deserve their own category. It's difficult to locate anything in 'Misfit Events' without wading through mountains of escape rooms.

Posted by brooks

I noticed that as well; good suggestion. 

Posted by marimaccadmin

Thanks all!  It's definitely something on our radar, but we're working some some other technical changes for the system right now, which should help it but don't leave a lot of time for changes like this.  Definitely something we want to be mindful of whenever we have the opportunity to revamp event categories.

Posted by mjdomask

+1 to this, and I'd add that the "social deduction" games like Werewolf and 2 Rooms and a Boom also need to get separated out. 

Misfit Events is one of my favorite categories for finding quirky stuff, but it was very difficult to locate anything this year with the large number of escape rooms/social deduction events. 

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