Netrunner gets no love?
Posted by marcjwaters

Are all the events that are posted going to be the only ones that we get or are there more waiting in the wings? It seems odd that Netrunner is not showing up in searches despite the renewed popularity in that game by the good folks at Nisei.

Here is to hopin'...

Posted by armadilloal

There will be several thousand events added between now and the con.  There's a backlog of events that just weren't ready for yesterday's upload for whatever reason and will be added between now and event registration on the 15th and some number of late submissions will be added as well.

Whether any of those are Netrunner, I couldn't tell you, of course.

Posted by derekguder

I personally deeply love Netrunner, too, so I hope to see a big presence for them, too.

But to turn this more broad: if you are looking for a game and don't see it (or enough of it) in the event catalog, I recommend two things:

  1. Reach out to the publisher, creator, or even just an independent group you enjoy the events of and ask/suggest that they consider running something. They may already have plans in the works or they may not, but the more inquiries they get about specific games from their community, the more likely they are to schedule those.
  2. Consider running some events yourself. You don't have to launch a full-blown program - start small with some casual games, maybe, and grow from there if you enjoy it. This is an especially great way to make sure get to sit down and play board and card games, where you may not need to do a lot of prep work or need a lot of supplies, beyond the game itself.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

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