Getting tickets for friends via wish list
Posted by dalownerx3

I have some questions on how the wish list work with regard to friends...

1.  If I have a selected a friend for an event on my wish list and my wish list gets processed, does my friend's ticket show up in my cart for checkout?

And once I check out, later when my friend's wish list is processed, will it take the purchased ticket into account when determining time conflicts?


2.  If there's an event that I and my friend wants to both go, would it be advisable to have the event on both wish lists to get double the chance of getting in?

If so, what happens both people reach the top of the queue at the same time and tickets are still available for the event?  Will both folks wind up with tickets in their cart?

Posted by helenbb

1. Yes and yes.

2 Yes and no. Only the first person to get in will get the tickets (even if they are only first by a millisecond).

Exception: If you put an event on your wishist and then request 'another ticket for me', and your friend does the same thing, then each of you will end up with 2 tickets (in your name) for the event (if you both get your wishlists processed before it is sold out).

In general, if you are going to put a friend's name on your wishlist, it is a good idea to co-ordinate with them first, so that you don't accidentally block them from getting an event they really want.

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