Wish Lists Duplicating
Posted by vemlyon

We had some submissions that were ~600 apart in the queue, where both got tickets for the same people, FYI.  Not sure what's going to happen with that?

Posted by austicke

Only buy the ones you want.

Posted by vemlyon

To be specific, as an example, EGM22201876 was purchased for my account twice, once by me and once by someone else.  That wasn't supposed to be possible.

Posted by derekguder

It is supposed to be possible - by default, most events permit each account to have up to 2 tickets. That's what the "myself" and "another ticket" options are for.

If you coordinate with friends to spread schedules across multiple wishlists, you will want to double-check before everyone checks out so you don't end up buying tickets you don't actually need.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by vemlyon

Thanks.  I guess I knew we could buy a second ticket for ourselves, but I had not realized we could buy a second ticket for other people, too.  It's not an option normally, I guess it only happens if more than one person buys the same tickets.

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