Curious about Baldman D&D Epics Light Interest
Posted by felwred

I was surprised to see that the D&D Epics from Baldman aren't sold out (in fact, they look to be less than half sold.) Anyone have ideas as to why that might be the case? 


Posted by jelake

I can only speak for myself.  Played the EP03 at Gameholecon.  Playing the EP04 as part of the Tier 4 D&D Exp.  Overlap from other conventions and other events at Gencon.

Posted by wavester

We've ran them a lot over the past 6 months. Online (2-3 times each), in-person at Winter Fantasy, some played at GHC, etc. Really wasn't sure what the demand level would be for them so I aimed high and will adjust. They're also high level which means you have to have a character of the right level and cannot just 'drop in'. Now on the other hand the new Spelljammer, Critical Role, and Dreams of the Red Wizards content sold like crazy. We'll be looking to expand SJ tickets if we can. 

Posted by jeff russell (mariston#6930)

I can explain why I chose the tracks I chose.  I was hoping for a high tier set of tracks.  My current Tier 4 character had already played all of the Track E offerings (culminating with DRW-20 this upcoming DnD Virtual Weekend).  I considered running my Tier 3 character through Track E, but I also wanted to play  some of the new Spelljammer content.  Every Spelljammer Track had an overlap with Track E making it so that you couldn’t choose both options.  

The only tracks I could play that deconflicted entirely with Spelljammer were the Moon Tracks.  The intro DRW tracks might have not had conflicts, but I am not interested in the intro tracks.  So, I settled on the Thursday Spelljammer track and the Moon Track G.

Unfortunately, I have already played the first two Moons at the Virtual Weekends, but those were good adventures and I enjoyed them… so I don’t mind playing them again.

Another factor was Vendor Hall time.  I am looking for a few blocks of time that I can get to the Exhibit Hall while it is open… as such, I prefer morning and evening game times.  The line up and overlap of the tracks just didn’t allow that this year.

Last year, I played two Tracks, one with the Moon 18 trilogy and one with the Moon 19 trilogy, plus the Moon 20 epic.  All of the content was new and was the natural build up of the Virtual Weekends.  I had a morning and an evening game every day, plus the Sunday morning epic, with plenty of Exhibit Hall time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This year, the high level content was already available in the Virtual Weekends, and the Track overlaps forced me to choose.

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