Can I transfer an even ticket?
Posted by jscher

I was purchasing tickets for my entire group (2 other people and myself) and didn't realize it had an option to buy two tickets for yourself.  I was populating my wishlist and caught that the select all option would also add a second one for myself and corrected it...or so I thought.  I somehow managed to end up with two tickets in my name and one in the name of one of my other two friends.  This resulted in one friend not having a ticket and me having two tickets for a sold out event. Is there a way to transfer my second ticket to the intended recipient?  I'm super stressed over this and it seems like something that should have an easy fix, but I can't figure it out. Thank you.


Posted by austicke

If it's an electronic ticket, you can go to the event page and transfer it to them (if you're friends).

If it's a paper ticket, you can just hand it to them.

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