Tuesday Evening Gaming 7-10pm
Posted by the orange mailman

Hey everyone.  We will host open gaming at our hotel lobby on Tuesday, August 2nd from 7pm - 10pm.

Homewood Suites
211 S. Meridian Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46225

We will have a stack of games available.  Dominion, Everdell, Dune Imperium, Cascadia, Santorini, Camel Up, Cascadia, etc.  Stop on by and even bring a game of your own.  RSVP is nice but last minute additions are welcome too.

Posted by pshep999

Hey there! Count me in!
Patrick S. 

Posted by pshep999

Have been really looking forward to learning Dune Imperium. 

Posted by the orange mailman pshep999

pshep999 wrote:
Hey there! Count me in!
Patrick S. 
Hey Patrick.  It will be good to see you again.  Dune Imperium is a game I am running on Wednesday as well.  My wife (divachelle) posted our Wed. gaming schedule.  We can def play it Tuesday pm.  Been really enjoying it.

Posted by dbrubeck

I'll be there.  Dave

Posted by the orange mailman dbrubeck

dbrubeck wrote:
I'll be there.  Dave

Posted by idakrajcik

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