Running two OG AD&D 2nd sessions (just got approved in event catalog)
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Hey everyone - recently received confirmation that my late event submission to run two AD&D 2nd ed games was approved and is now active in the event catalog.

Posting here to get added visibility for anyone who is interested!  

If interested, contact me @ [email protected]; I will send the pre-gen character options prior to the start of the convention. Choose and I will have your character and all materials (besides dice) ready at the table.

Game 1:  Classic Dungeon Crawl: Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

  • event link/ID:
  • Date & Time: Friday, 6:00 PM EDT - 10:00PM EDT
  • Location: JW Marriott : room 101 : table 1
  • "The horn of Iggwilv Pierces the heart -- Look over your shoulder Before you start. How many sorrow? Foolish women and men Because they didn't Turn back then." Nearly a century ago the Arch-mage Iggwilv sent her minions to conquer and subjugate the lands of Perrenland which surrounded her domain. Great indeed was the treasure and magic brought forth to Iggwilv in answer to her insatiable demands for power. Though long plundered after her demise, stories of her great wealth persisted, and rumors of a dark power rising have been heard in the whispered corners of the land. Perhaps the long-dead arch-mage is not so dead after all...

Game 2:  Classic Dungeon Crawl: Tomb of Horrors

  • event link/ID:
  • Date & Time:  Saturday, 8:00 PM EDT - 12:00a EDT
  • Location:  JW Marriott : room 104 : table 1
  • Somewhere under a lost and lonely hill lies a labyrinthine crypt filled with terrible traps and not a few strong and ferocious monsters to slay the unwary. Rich treasures both precious and magical fill the crypt; but some say a demilich still wards his final haunt. Come, if you dare, and try your hand at surviving the legendary tomb of horrors! This module will be played as a continuation from the game I'm running on Friday, 'The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth', and therefore the start of the Tomb crawl will not be from the typical beginning. It is not necessary for you to play that game prior to joining this one. Pre-generated characters will be confirmed before the convention (survivors carried over from the Lost Caverns or newly generated) and a special D&D-themed prize will be won by the player who makes it the furthest and demonstrates the highest level of role-playing.

Note - If either quest has not completed by the end of the time slot and anyone wishes to continue, I will do so.

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Awesome adventures!

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Tsojcanth is classic & Tom of Horrors iconic, so great choices!

Serious questions: how far do you think players will get through these?

Posted by jonathanzola


  • with pre-generated characters pre-assigned 
  • backstory and context covered beforehand, and
  • skipping the classic 2nd edition trope of making half the adventure trudging through the woods/mountains/swamp/etc just to get to the dungeon, and
  • starting at an unconventional point in the Tomb

I think they can make it to the Greater Caverns in Tsojcanth, and just maybe, all the way to Acerak.  Based on a couple trial runs with experienced players this was accomplished.

Now, nobody from these runs managed to survive... ;)


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I'm interested in Tsojcanth and I'm available at that date/time.

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