Retro arcade/console room questions
Posted by aileron

Questions about the retro arcade and console rooms: The only way to get in is to book a minimum 1 hour $12 ticket for a specific day/hour in advance? I cannot just show up at the room and pay then with generic tickets or cash? Reason I'm asking is I'd like to treat this as nice to have filler if I have time between other things, rather than a scheduled event. Also $12 is pretty steep... How do I know what games will be there or if they won't be occupied and I'll be able to play them?

Posted by mpagnotta310

You can show up with generics and get entry in there. The advance tickets are in case someone wants to plan out.

For games, the console room pretty much has every console you could think of and a wide variety of games. The arcade room has various cabinets, but also some all-in-one so you can play what you want. There is not a lack of options.

As for getting a chance to play, people don’t occupy cabinets/consoles for too long. You’ll get to play. In fact, it’s likely someone will invite you to play them. If you’re watching someone play Street Fighter II and they notice, they’ll invite you to jump in and challenge them.

Posted by cinnibar

By the way, no cash.  Turn that cash into tickets to spend at the door. :D

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