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Posted by nscott

Derek and crew, great job on the events listings. It was a nice surprise to wake up Sunday and find a good selection of Wednesday events posted.

With the new event finder pretty clearly geared to mobile access are you ready to cut the cord and stop printing event listings in the program? It seems like online only listings could stream line things on your end as you wouldn't have to be parsing all the short descriptions trying to crunch them down to a bare minimum. As GM's we could just write one game description too, which would be nice. I wonder if there is enough bandwidth in the ICC to handle it?

Posted by parody

Not in my experience.  I go back to my hotel room if I want something approaching reliable Internet access.

Now you only have to get info from ~60,000 other folks and you'll have some actual data! :)

Posted by derekguder

No. We're not cutting the program guide any time soon. It will be a long time before people stop using or needing it.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by suburbaknght

As someone still using a dumb phone, thank you!

Posted by nikki

As someone whose entire group loves flipping through the program guide to see all the new events listed on Wednesday as we eat and shouting out finds that we think someone at the table would like, thank you!

Posted by brotherbock

Yup. Print is not dead. 

Posted by dblade

Yes. I love the program guide.

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