We'll be at Origins - let's talk

Both Marian & Derek will be at Origins in Columbus, OH this week, so it's a great opportunity to meet up in person, whether to go over any questions you might have regarding your events or just want to touch base and put a face to a name.

If you'll be a the con, let us know what times would be convenient for you and we'll try to follow up and confirm specific meetings.

You're also more than welcome to just drop an email if you don't have any pressing questions and just want to chat a bit or to call us directly if you won't have regular email access yourself. You can even text Derek, if you prefer - just be nice and make sure to introduce yourself & your group first.

We will have floor plans and event details, so this is really the last chance to take a moment to make sure everything is in order for Gen Con. Most things are locked down now, so we can't make many changes anyway, but it's always better to find out about an issue now when we have some time to try to adapt than to discover it when you arrive onsite and realize there was some fundamental miscommunication.

So if you'll be at Origins and want to meet up, let us know. Otherwise, just say hi if you see us in the halls or at the gaming tables.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC