GMs needed - 2hr slots & 4hr slots
Posted by keeperofthegate

Hi friends, John Wrot! of Gate Keeper Games here, and I'm in need of small pile of GM's (or a few very devoted ones!). 

Take a look at the short list below if you're interested in volunteering your time, and use the google doc to sign up.  Swag promised.  If you have any questions, I welcome you to email me directly at [email protected] or ask below. 
Thanks in advance!

Google Doc to sign up here.

Here's the need...

A.D.A.P.T. (bgg linked) -

  • Thursday - 2-4pm and 7-9pm
  • Friday - 9-11pm, 2-4pm, and 7-9 pm
  • Saturday - 9-11pm, 2-4pm, and 7-9 pm

*ADAPT is a lightweight, easy to learn mash-up style card & dice game.  Two games are hosted side by side at the same location. 4-9 players.  If space GM can play.

The King's Armory (bgg linked) -

  • Thursday - 5-10pm
  • Friday - 6-11pm
  • Saturday 6-11pm

*The King's Armory is the world's first and only true-to-form Tower Defense board game.  Brand new (late 2015 release), but OOP in retail already, about 90 copies remain in my possession.  Two games are hosted side by side at the same location. 4-14 players.  Experience required, as it's a mother of a game.  If space GM can play.

Company swag in the form of games and/or dice offered to all volunteers depending on how many game/hours any given GM runs.

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope to have you on the watchtower with us.

John Wrot!


Posted by thewurm00

I may be interested in running the Kings Armory and I have played a good handful of times and I am familiar with all of the rules.

Posted by keeperofthegate

Thanks, thewurm00.  That would be a huge deal if you could commit.  Any night you prefer, just let me know.  If/when you sign up on the google sheet lemme know so I can connect your name to this username.  Lemme know if you have any questions about it.


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