If you love playing Battlestar Galactica or Descent, we are looking for someone to GM these games.  If you put in 80 player-hours, we will give you a 4-day GM Gencon badge!  (Player hours are determined by the number of players, multiplied by the length of the game.) 1 BSG game will earn you 24 player hours, but you can run more than 1 game at a time.  This is a super easy way to get a free badge!!  We provide the game, you simply monitor the play and teach new players.  The following slots are available:

Thursday 12-4pm, Thursday 8pm-12am, Friday 8pm-12am(Battlestar)
Thursday 12-4pm, Friday 8pm-12am(Descent: Journeys in the Dark)

If interested, contact Council of Lorien at [email protected].