Actual # of event tickets sold
Posted by biffindy

Is it still possible to see how many tickets were sold to individual Gen Con 50 events?

I had several events that had high tickets sales / sell outs the day of the event, but only 50-75% of the tickets sold showed up to play.  

I failed to check tickets sold at the end of the convention so as to get a feel as to how many tickets were refunded.

I’m attempting to get a feel for the “real” demand for events.  If the sold tickets were refunded, I’d plan to lower the number of events next year.  

If the numbers of sold tickets did not decrease, the tickets I did not collect from players were either used for other games, or simply went unused.  Although not perfect, I’d view this case as demand and keep my number of events at least the same.  Even though I’m not getting credit for those tickets, Gen Con is making money and it helps to justify the use of the table, etc.

Posted by derekguder

You can download your historical event data from your EO/GM Dashboard, just change the year to 2017 and you can export your data to a spreadsheet that will show both our reconciled attendance numbers and how many tickets are "still available" for each event - that lets you know how many tickets were sold and not refunded.

Tracking the no-show rate for your tickets and determining if there is a pattern of any kind, but ultimately demand should be gauged based on how many people showed up to play a game or attend an event. Arguable, folks who bought a ticket to something and then failed to show up for it aren't "real demand," though there are plenty of reasons for that kind of behavior other than disinterest.

The actual attendance number is the starting point for demand and attendance moving forward, and that should be your baseline to plan from. We try to allow for standard growth from that level, but if you want to do anything significantly beyond that you will need to provide a reasonable justification for it.


Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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