Any chance we can determine if Wish List numbers exceed capacity?
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Last year, a number of our events capped our capacity on Day 1, which tells me it is very likely people "Wish Listed" (I think that is what it is called when users can add an event to their cart prior to registration going live) our events prior to registration opening. Like most people, I am sure if you miss your chance at an event, you likely have a backup and in many cases never look back. There is just too much to do to worry about a missed event.

I was wondering if there is any chance in requesting how many of our events have people interested in the events which exceed out capacity for them and make a final adjustment to them?

Is it too much of a hassle to make that last minute change for it?

Just curious as we our obviously in our final push to going live!

Thanks for all the hard work of the events team. You all do a job that rarely received vocal or public thanks, but you have mine 100%!

Posted by derekguder

We do track both how many people added an event to their wishlist and how many tickets they selected (since they might be buying for their friends).

We have data from 2017 and we'll have data for 2018 after registration opens (we basically take a snapshot of wishlists just before registration goes live), so we're more than happy to share that with any event organizer on request - you'll just want to wait a bit for when we have time to process that :)

There will be a short window after event registration is live for everyone to review their schedule and ticket sales to see what they might want to scale up or down, depending on ticket sales.

Just drop an email to [email protected] about a week after event registration open and we should be able to send you your data - just remember that (as you alluded to) it's not 1-to-1 "lost" sales, as many folks will have tickets for their friends in their wishlists (while their friends do the same) and lots of games have (or are themselves) backups. But it's always useful as a general barometer for overall demand, certainly.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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