EO/GM Email: Event Reg Opens May 6, Event Locations, & Other Info
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Event Registration Opens May 6

Events are now Active and viewable by general attendees. They will be able to buy tickets starting on May 6, which means there is less than 2 weeks to double-check and confirm all of your event details before tickets are sold and things get more complicated.

This is especially important for price and start/end time for events - once someone has bought a ticket, those can't really be changed and you would need to cancel the event and replace it with a new submission.

So double-check everything about your events one more time, but especiallytimeand price.

Requesting & Assigning GM Badges

If you need GM badges before event registration, make sure you have submitted a GM badge request form. Now that events are Active, we'll be processing those as quickly as we can.

Once we set you up with an allocation, you'll be able to assign badges to your individual GMs just like you would if you were buying them any other badge type. They will need a badge in their account to be able to build their wish lists before may 6, so you'll want to process those as quickly as you can once your allocation is set up.

More information on badges (including how GMs can get refunds) can be found on the Host pageand in the Event Host Policy.

"I Can't Find My Events"

The majority of events are now Active and viewable by attendees, but if your events are not showing up in the Event Finder, the most likely reason is that you submitted it afterthe March 10 deadline or that it was returned to you for some correction.

We will continue to accept and confirm late events as long as we have the time and space to do so, but they are handled afterwe have dealt with events that were submitted on time. We'll be going through those and Activating them as soon as we can, so you'll want to keep an eye out for email notifications and promote your events once they are turned on.

If your events were Returned to you for Correction, please make the necessary updates and re-submit them, and we'll review those as soon as we have a chance to do so, as well. You can check on the status of your events by going to your EO/GM Dashboard. You can also export your event data there, if you need to review lots of events.

If you have any questions about your events or aren't sure what changes you need to make to have your events approved, just email [email protected] we'll go over them with you.

Event Locations Confirmed After Event Registration

You may notice that most events (especially games) do not have locations listed. That is something we have done with board, card, and miniatures games for the past few years, and now it's been extended to most RPGs, as well.

Locations will be confirmed shortly after the opening of event registration, so keep an eye on your events and review what adjustments you may want to make for events that sold out or maybe didn't sell as much as would have liked.

Consider reducing some events and increasing others to follow initial signs of demand. Ultimately, changes will be limited by available materials, staff, and event space, but make sure to review event sales in the week after registration opens and let us know what adjustments you would like to make to your events, if possible.

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Thanks for this.  Clear and concise.  Application submitted and look forward to the con.  Thanks for Sunny Scotland

Richard Talbot
British Isles Traveller Support.

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