Question about event space in JW's White River Ballroom
Posted by watchdog

Our event has been assigned to "White River Ballroom A" in the JW Marriott. I looked at a map of the room and it's a very large ballroom . There are ten areas designated with letters A through J on the interior, but no sign of any kind of dividing walls. 

Can anyone tell me if the ballroom interior will be divided into smaller rooms, or are the letters just space designations? We had requested a 4-6 table room of our own under "special requests" as our event has a history of being crowded (25 players, multiple GMs, spectators) very and noisy, so if other games are in adjacent open spaces it could cause problems for everyone involved. 

I sent two emails regarding the question (the first was sent on April 22nd) to [email protected] but have not received a reply yet, so any information would be helpful. Thank you. 

Posted by roundtop

Those dashed lines indicate locations for airwalls.  Will they all be up? quite possibly.  Looking at the photos on that site, it shows the tracks in the ceiling for the walls to be put out.

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Posted by derekguder

Whenever a location is provided, that is the complete location. So if something lists "White River Ballroom A," then it's just that section, separated from the rest. If it was "A & B," then it would be those two sections joined. If it was simply "White River Ballroom" then it would be the whole room.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by watchdog

Thank you!

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